Summer Health Challenge

You are invited!
Join us in a series of challenges to get up, get moving and get healthy!

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is inviting everyone in the community to join us in our first 30-day challenge for the month of June:
30 days of Planks
sponsored by: workshop

Our intent is to encourage you to take a moment each day to help you feel a little better and with just one exercise, tone up those all-important core muscles. Planking is a great full body exercise designed for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

View the Plank variations below with suggestions for which one will suit you best. Then, simply print out our handy calendar and mark off each day you complete your Plank!

Here are your suggested levels for plank holds each day with increases each week:
Week 1: 30 seconds of plank holding each day
Week 2: 60 seconds of plank holding each day
Week 3: 90 seconds of plank holding each day
Week 4: 120 seconds of plank holding each day

There are some incredible benefits to planking every day:
• Improve core definition and performance
• Decrease risk of spinal injury and back pain
• Improve your metabolism
• Improve your posture
• Improve overall balance
You’ll even see improvements in your flexibility over time!

1. - Register to participate in the Summer Health Challenge.
2. - Print the calendar and track your progress.
3. - Turn in your progress to us via email ( by Sunday evening each week to be entered in a drawing for prizes donated by The Workshop, a fitness boutique on the Edmonds waterfront. Thats it!

We want to know how your doing with your challenge!


Option 1 – Wall Plank
Great for people that have difficulty getting down to the ground, equilibrium issues with slight elevation change (ie: vertigo), hand/wrist pain or have difficulty maintaining a strong center line in other plank positions.


Option 2 – Elevated Plank
This plank can be done on a high box, sturdy bed or even stairs. Excellent for those with the same difficulties as option one but without the problems adjusting to a slight elevation change/no hand or wrist pain or those looking for a bit more challenge.


Option 3 – Knee Plank
These plank types can be done on hands (easier) or elbows (harder). Great for those that maintain a strong abdominal position without sagging into your lower back. Choose this option if you’ve been active in the past but haven’t been currently, know you have a stronger abdominal position or you have tried the 4th option and find it slightly too difficult to maintain.


Option 4 – Full Plank
This full plank can also be done on hands (easier) or elbows (harder). Great if you have good control of your body, are currently active and know you have excellent midline/abdominal strength.



Helpful tips:
Remember, you can switch your chosen plank at any time during the challenge but BE HONEST with yourself. If you feel pain or discomfort that is not soreness associated with strengthening, go down an option until you feel strong in the position for the duration of the challenge time. If you want to increase difficulty beyond the 4th full plank option or unsure of which option to choose, we are here to help. Message us with any questions!


Prizes Provided By The Workshop:
Week 1 – Free “Teamwork makes the dream work” T-Shirt
Week 2 – 1 Free Pilates or CrossFit Class at The Workshop
Week 3 – 1 Free Pilates or CrossFit Classes at The Workshop
Week 4 – 1 Free week of CrossFit Classes or 2 Private Pilates Lessons at The Workshop!