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All members receive a Basic Listing in the online business directory but you can upgrade to an Enhanced Listing.  Enhanced Listings increase your visibility and shows much more information about your business. Enhanced Listings are easy to setup, manage and cost only $150.00 per year.

Basic Enhanced
Placement in your business category
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Search results area: Search results area:
company logo company logo
address 200 character description
website link address
phone number (mobile friendly) website link
Company listing area: map link
200 character description phone number (mobile friendly)
contact info Company listing area:
10 search keywords company logo
social media links 1600 character description
Search engine optimized contact info
Mobile friendly 20 search keywords
Free with Membership 5 highlights with web links
map link
social media links
up to 15 photos
embedded YouTube videos
Search engine optimized
Mobile friendly

$150 per year (+ Membership)

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Contact the Chamber office for more information or to upgrade to an Enhanced Listing.

Call/Email: 425-670-1496 or business@edmondswa.com


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