A ‘thank you’ to the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce
Monday, 08 July 2013 21:58





I just wanted to complement you on the best Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration that I can remember!  Thank you.

It was such a pleasure to experience the all-around participation of so many families and children, neighbors, businesses, friends of Edmonds, The Military, those who serve or volunteer in our community…all coming together to honor this important day in our history.

I especially appreciated the respectful tone prior to the fireworks display where we were asked to remove our hats to honor those that have fought for our country to keep it free.

How delighted my husband and I were to hear the old, traditional songs during the fireworks that spoke of the reason we celebrate.

These songs would never be heard by the general public or passed down to future generations, if they are not sung on this day.  (By the way, the tenor who performed the “Star Spangled Banner” was outstanding!)

Thank you for all your hard work in keeping these important traditions in music, song, remembrance and honor alive.  I hope that future generations can continue to grow in the knowledge of the foundation of what makes this nation great.

May the beauty that is so evident in the seaside community of Edmonds, permeate our hearts and motivate our lives to protect America, our home.


Johanna Molloy


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