UPDATE: Edmonds Sign Code
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 21:41

As you know, the City Council recently adopted amendments to the City’s sign code.  The most significant changes related to “pedestrian signs” (A-frames and such) in the downtown/waterfront area.  Since then a question has come up regarding the new requirement for the square footage of pedestrian signs to be counted in the businesses’ total square footage for permitted signage.

The particular question is:

For downtown/waterfront businesses that obtained a permit for their wall signs in conformance with the existing sign code AND have a pedestrian sign that now meets the current code, does the pedestrian sign have to be counted in the total square footage allowed for wall signs?  In other words, can up to an additional 6 square feet for the pedestrian sign be “grandfathered” in to the total size allowed?

The answer is “yes” under certain conditions, per the attached interpretation.



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